Ridging the Arts: “parade’s end” and “Night Scene Over Worth Street”

"Night Scene Over Worth Street" by Salim Hasbini
“Night Scene Over Worth Street” by Salim Hasbini

“parade’s end”
By Samantha Vacca

I live down the block
from a funeral home; a bar
SEVENSEseparates us

a place where the downtrodden exit
chirping Circadian rhythms

around eleven, carts
FOURTEENFOURTEbustle over rain-slick squares
rectilinear movements

I remain immersed in
SEVENSEthe gray candor of staring out the window

at home, unable to decipher noise
FOURTEENFOURTEand emotion from static
stitched-up without a hero

pretending that we are talking, watching corners
unadulterated silence

I used to want to live

SEVENSEconvinced this longing
SEVENSEwould be satisfied
SEVENSEbefore death had a grasp

what’s it all really worth
to the man picking
his teeth with SEVENSEthree of his fingers?
SEVENSEhe wipes them,
SEVENSEon his brown suspenders.
he loves Hockney’s pool scenes;
he’s humming the fifth movement of Symphonie Fantastique;
he’s oblivious to the nuzzling vigor
of hearsay

the lintel falls and bops me on the head;
it isn’t the time for a parade’s end.

Samantha Vacca
 is a poet and copywriter. She has lived in Bay Ridge for 10 years.

Salim Hasbini is a film photographer and Bay Ridge native whose work combines escapism and the street. He was featured in this year’s Bay Ridge SAW and recently held his first solo exhibition, Without Words, in Brooklyn.

“Ridging the Arts” is a monthly feature pairing the work of local writers with that of local visual artists. Hear writers read their work, and meet local artists and art-lovers, on the last Sunday of every month at the Bay Ridge Poets Society open mic, at the Owl’s Head Wine Bar (479 74th Street). The next reading is June 28 at 7pm (ish).

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