The View From Here: A Photo Essay By Jason Jamal Nakleh

Jason Jamal Nakleh is a photographer living and working in his native Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. With no formal training, Jason learned his craft by teaching himself Photoshop and working at Magnum Photos, where he acquired film, classic photography and reporting skills. Eventually moving along to Henry Leutwyler Studios as Head Retoucher and Digital Technician, Jason worked on images destined for Vanity Fair, Vogue, Esquire, Cosmopolitan amongst many other publications. Jason now works freelance and has produced work for NBC Universal, Bravo TV and many individual photographers. More of Jason’s work is available on his website and on Facebook.

One thought on “The View From Here: A Photo Essay By Jason Jamal Nakleh

  1. You’ve got some great photos here. Since I also grew up in Bay Ridge area, I know the Verrazano from all angles. Your panorama makes it look as if there is a cove of sorts, a cozy indented corner along the bike path. Super cool, I really love this photo, Thanks.

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