What’s With the Uncut Grass on Shore Road?

Uncut Grass in Shore Road Park
Photo by Hey Ridge

The grass hasn’t been this bad in recent memory—at least not along this well-visited stretch of Shore Road. Walking through the park this weekend, down by the 95th Street ballfields and Vinland Playground, I noticed that, except directly on the baseball fields, the grass was unusally high: around the edges of the ballfields, in the spaces between staircases, weedstalks have climbed more than a foot into the air, and surrounding blades of green looked like they haven’t been mowed since the weather warmed up (and we’re already well into June!).

I reached out to Justin Brannan, recently of Councilmember Gentile’s office, who contacted the parks department, which told him this: Please excuse the delay, but we’re working our way through the first cut rotation throughout the sector. The Narrows Botanical Garden area [and] 79th street through 81st was already cut. We should be cutting [around 95th Street] very soon. 

In the meantime, stick to the paths. You never know what’s lurking in undergrowth.

Shore Road Park unmowed grass
Photo by Hey Ridge

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  1. As of this morning, parts of the southern part of Shore Rd Park have been mowed.

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