Bay Ridge Subway Entrance Quietly Reopens

77th Street R subway station
Photo by Hey Ridge

The western entrance/exit of the 77th Street R station quietly reopened this afternoon after months of closure. “Concrete was removed from the area above the stairway which served as both the sidewalk and structural ceiling,” the NYC Transit Authority told local State Senator Marty Golden. “The beams were replaced, it was then formed, poured, waterproofed and topped (sidewalk re-poured). The stairway itself was also rehabbed.”

The entrance had been closed since May 6. It might seem like a little thing, but dealing with it day after day (especially after the posted reopening date came and went) became nettlesome (especially coming from the city)—having to wait for the light to get where you’re going after having already had to wait for that goddamn R train!

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77th Street entrance while closed
The entrance when it was closed on May 6. Photo by Hey Ridge