[UPDATE X2] Building Collapse Forces Popular Bay Ridge Restaurant to Close

Sign on Tanoreen about temporary closure
Photo by Hey Ridge

UPDATE: “There was not an actual ‘collapse’ but an irresponsible demolition of the house on 76th that compromised a wall and the adjacent Tanoreen structure,” Juamana Bishara from Tanoreen tells us.

UPDATE #2 (Jul 10 @ 5:40pm): Bishara tells us that the restaurant has been clearance to open, and expects to do so at 6pm this evening.


What neighbors called a partial building collapse on Thursday led to an emergency temporary closure of Bay Ridge’s best-known restaurant, Tanoreen (7523 Third Avenue). According to an ALLCAPS sign posted on the window of the side/takeout entrance:

Due to no fault of our own and in order to protect our staff and customers from potential risk, restaurant closed by the NYC building dept & FDNY due to an emergency in the adjacent building. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience. – Management

Partial building collapse on 76th Street
Photo by Hey Ridge

The neighboring brownstone, 311 76th Street, has been vacant since at least 2008, when the first complaint against the address was registered with the department of buildings, for having a wide-open front door. It remained abandoned-looking for years. But permits were filed in March to renovate the second floor for two-family use. According to the DOB database, approval was still pending when a complaint was lodged against the property last week, and a stop-work order was issued two days ago, according to another complaint; today, following its partial collapse, several more complaints were lodged, including unsafe construction site, demolition without a permit, failure to safeguard scaffold and no electrical application on file. Several two-by-fours were hastily propped up to keep the upstairs wall from toppling over.

The building was sold to Alice Ng in January 2014 for $700,000, according to department of finance records.

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2 comments on “[UPDATE X2] Building Collapse Forces Popular Bay Ridge Restaurant to Close

  1. When will this reconstruction work stop?? Out beautiful townhouses are being ruined by the reconstructions, simply to add another story or to convert to single rokm occupancy!! I live in Sunset Park and it’s all over!! Permits are being handed out left and right to do this work, only because the buyer can pay NOT because it benefits the home or the neighborhood. This is outrageous!! When a house sells on my block or in my neighborhood, my stomach turns.. up goes the plywood, there sits the dumpster and the demolition starts.. ruining all that us as homeowners have tried to preserve, beautiful wood mouldings, parquet floors, lion claw tubs, solid oak doors dumped without any remorse or appreciation for the work and preservation put into saving these beautiful features.. for what?? To overcrowd an already crowded city and to make more $$ on renting rooms, meanwhile the average long term homeowner suffers.. when will this stop????

    1. Exactly how I feel. I am in Bay Ridge and own my house. Part of why I bought here was because house sizes are capped and can’t build up. So what happens instead? Greedy landlords go and chop up their houses in to 50 apartments. Greed is the problem. No respect for neighbors and no respect for scale and no respect for preservation. The last thing brooklyn needs is more people living here. It is crowded enough as is.

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