3 comments on “Hey Ridge Political Cartoon: Marty Golden on Hate Crime

  1. It was disgusting to see those fools burning an American flag in front of a monument to 11,500 American POWs who were murdered by the British in the prison ships during the War of Independence. The ignorance and sense of entitlement of the flag burners was actually overwhelming. Clueless morons.

    That said, those fools do have a 1st Amendment right to display their ignorance, no matter how offensive and childish the method chosen for that display.

    By the way, the cartoon displayed above is also pretty childish.

    1. Pretty sure the point here is that Golden made a major political issue out of the damage inflicted to a piece of cloth and a bunch of people’s feelings while remaining silent when people are killed as the result of physical violence from state authority. That just isn’t right, and from an elected official, I would expect far better leadership than that.

      1. Perhaps that was the intended point of the political cartoon. If so, it could have been expressed far more effectively. Politicians do milk issues for their own personal gain, on that we can agree

        However, your reply overlooks the symbolism of the flag burning, and the venue chosen for it. If they were burning a dish towel (a “piece of cloth”), no one would care. But the act chosen as a form of protest (burning the national flag) in opposition to police abuses (an act of local state authority, not national), in front of the final resting place of 11,500 citizens murdered for their support of our national government was a simple display of ignorance, albeit a profoundly offensive one. Certainly not designed to rally support for their cause.

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