A Hidden Deli in Bay Ridge Worth Discovering

Storefront on 87th
Storefront on 87th Street. Photo by Hey Ridge.

Bridge Market (8702 Third Avenue) sits inconspicuously on 87th Street, just off of Third Avenue, its red striped awning adorned with icicle lights. You could easily miss it—and that would be a shame, because this little deli is one-of-a-kind.

It’s not often that seeking out prepackaged goods would be worth writing about, but when those goods are imported, then you might have something to discuss—just like ALC’s selection around the corner. Bridge Market has an abundance of goods originating in Eastern Europe and beyond, such as dry pastas, jarred pickles, canned and jarred fishes and fish eggs and desserts. It also carries plenty of odd, individual candies that you can purchase by the pound. I partook of 20 different kinds and liked some and didn’t like others, but they were all interesting. In addition, the market carries milk, specialty cheeses and meats, as well as a significant selection of beers that are atypical of what you see elsewhere: Baltika 7, Obolon Svіtle and Zhigulevskoye.

Finding these nooks in the neighborhood remind me of the diversity of the people and businesses we live among. The owners were not particularly interested in providing any additional insight into their business or themselves, and they didn’t let me take pictures inside the shop. But that’s not stopping me from recommending it!

Delicacies of eastern Europe
Delicacies of eastern Europe. Photo by Hey Ridge.