Jogging in Bay Ridge: Who Needs Headphones?

Photo by Hey Ridge
You shouldn’t need headphones. Your run on the Promenade should be accompanied by the soaring soundtrack in your head. (Photo by Hey Ridge)

The fitness-minded in Bay Ridge have access to an incredible and scenic path to perform their cardio: the Bike Path (aka the Belt Parkway Promenade, aka Shore Parkway). It’s 4.5 miles long, making it perfect to train for an upcoming race. In fact, it’s so perfect, many local event companies host races right in the neighborhood.

Running has long been thought of as mind-numbingly boring (or even weird), but with the proper scenery, you might even decide to leave the headphones at home. Head south from the 69th Street Pier for an amazing view of the Verrazano, then keep going to catch views of the creeksides of Coney Island and Seagate. Turn around at the baseball fields and head back north, where you can see Staten Island and try and guess what those ships might be carrying. Once you pass the bridge again, you’ll be treated with an expanding lower Manhattan skyline. Go at night, when the bridge and the Financial District buildings are lighted. It’s breathtaking.

Presently, the length of the Promenade is in various states of dilapidation; some of it’s being repaired and some of it’s in desperate need of repair.

Do this:

  • Be courteous and wave to your neighbors!
  • Stay to the right, and pass on the left.
  • Use common sense: while, technically, a pedestrian might have the right of way over a cyclist, it might be easier and safer for the person on foot to give the rider more space to get past.

Don’t do that:

  • Run in the bike lane, or ride your bike in the pedestrian path, unless safety or obstructions require it.
  • Smoke or litter. It’s a public park; we all get to use it.

Trimara Sports hosts two fall/winter half marathons and a 10k “Beer Run” in the spring on the Promenade.

Bay Ridge Bicycle World is a great local source for all your bicycling needs, and it has an outdoor air hose—a rarity these days!

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One thought on “Jogging in Bay Ridge: Who Needs Headphones?

  1. The path south of the Verrazano has been in extreme disrepair since even before Sandy. Odd that while they were fixing the portions of the path that Sandy had completely ravaged, they didn’t even attempt to repave the neighboring portion just north of the Dyker staircase, which is chewed up with major crevices and craters.

    Also, would love to see some water fountains and a few lights to illuminate the path at night for the many joggers and bikers who still use it after dark.

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