76th Street stairs

The Hidden Histories of the Step Streets and Glorious Mansions on Bay Ridge’s Eponymous Ridge

Everything you could want to know about the 74th Street and 76th Street stairs, including who built and lived in the houses above them.

Cannonball Park

The Full, Epic History of “Cannonball Park”

A few acres at the tip of Bay Ridge provide a microcosmic history of that part of the neighborhood, from Coney Island-like amusements to Vietnam-era protests.

Leif Ericson Park parade ground

The Long-Forgotten History of Leif Ericson Park

The sprawling former parkway near the Bay Ridge northern border offers a microcosmic history of the community in the 20th century, from the Irish shantytown it replaced to the site of overdose and murder it became.

Giuseppe Catania murder Shore Road

True Crime Bay Ridge: On Shore Road, the First Mafia Murder in New York

In 1902, a few teenage boys swimming off 73rd Street discovered the almost-beheaded corpse of a Brooklyn grocer, which would lead police to one of the earliest organized gangs in the city.